A New Day(s)… Yet Again

Can we talk about how I’m clairvoyant, since the day after I described Ian as constantly acting as though he’s in a production of Macbeth, he actually QUOTED MACBETH ONSCREEN?

Ian Buchanan is totally going to town playing Ian McAllister as some kind of homosexual Shakespearean villain, and I say… why the hell not? There is nothing else to play there, so he might as well have fun with it.

Pretty much everything involving Kate this week was fantastic, from her scenes with Ian, to her throwing her arms around Brady when she had to tell him about Madison’s death, to her fight with John in the hotel room. However…

I get that it turned from night to morning between Thursday and Friday’s episodes, so it was probably 5 or 6 a.m. when she was talking to Brady at the hotel. But then she went home, straightened her hair, changed her clothes, and was completely un-distressed as she headed to the coffee shop to meet Lucas? Crackerjack continuity, guys!

While we’re on the subject of new Days (get it?!) —

Maxine! Father Matt! The nurses’ station! In case you missed those blasts from the days of Tomlin past, Maggie was there to drive the point home with her “Things are slowly getting back to normal around here!” in the very first shot of the nurses’ station that we’ve seen since McPherson & Thomas took over last year. Subtle! Not that I mind one bit.

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8 Comments on “A New Day(s)… Yet Again”

  1. Jayme Says:

    I was so worried that we would never see the nurses station again! I thought we’d have to be subjected to seeing multiple victims in that one damn hospital room they’ve been shooting in for the past year. Fingers crossed that they’ll dust off the St. Luke’s set for Jack’s memorial. Mind you, they didn’t bother doing so when 6 principle characters’died’ in that explosion at the safe house. Speaking of safe houses, THE DIMERA’S HAVE ONE TOO???

    I’m with you on the continuity issue. I’m going to assume that it’s just the writers trying to wrap up some loose ends and move the show forward. HOWEVER, I did think it was kinda weird that Sami was checking Facebook to see if her family was ok. Didn’t the explosion JUST HAPPEN? Who’s posting pics of dinner with the kids in the aftermath of a catastrophic event?? Maybe they were posted before the explosion, but then it doesn’t explain why Sami would be relieved that her kids were ok. And good thing Marlena has her priorities straight, playing word games with Will while her stepson is mourning the loss of his future wife. Jeebs!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was sooooo happy to see the nurses’ station. It’s just such a natural place for people to congregate. I think if they have that, the Town Square, Chez Rouge, and the Pub up most of the time, you can handle a lot of the public scenes. (I don’t hate the Town Square — I just hate when they have private dinners and movie screenings there!)

      The whole Facebook thing didn’t make sense to me. “I’m not Marlena’s friend, but I can find her through Will’s page!” Unsurprisingly, the writers have never used Facebook, just like they have never used a search engine or word processing program.

      • Dan Says:

        I thought Horton Town Square was pointless especially when it came at the expense of University Hospital and the nurses’ station. Tom Horton was chief of staff there for numerous years, Alice volunteered there, there were numerous Hortons on staff there, etc. The hospital represented the Horton family and “Days of our Lives” in a very important way. For me, HTS was the first signal that MarDar, and Corday and Meng, didn’t get what Tomlin, Whitesell, and Higley got about “Days of our Lives.”

        The episode’s timeline wasn’t consistent with logical time, but what in Salem is logical?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I see your point about the hospital. I was SO sick of seeing it by last September that I didn’t mind a break — but that lobby/nurses’ station is way too good a common area to excise completely. I really like the Town Square for what it is — a public space that works much, much better than the pier for all the run-ins they need it for. I could deal with seeing the Town Square in 95% of episodes if they used it just for a place where you saw people having coffee or lunch, passing through with shopping bags, etc. I started to get irritated when they had the movie screening/gay beer pong tournament/vow renewals/private dinners happening there.

  2. Alana Says:

    You are so right about the correlation between the writers and the hospital set! I was more excited to see Maxine than pretty much anything else.

    Sidenote: I brought it up on facebook and shared your post pointing it out and it has turned into a WHIS lovefest. Example (from fb comment): Thanks for sharing the site, What Happens in Salem! Love it 🙂 Great stuff there. Oh and Ejami all the way!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Thanks for the plug! Much appreciated. 🙂 I got weirdly excited about Maxine, too. There was a sense of community at the hospital during Higley/Tomlin that I really loved, and I think those little supporting characters like Maxine, Father Matt, etc., can help make Salem feel more like a community than a ghost town with 20 people just visiting the same spots over and over again.

      • Dan Says:

        Higley / Whitesell / Tomlin kept a smaller contract cast, but had a number of supporting players who they’d play heavily depended on the story. The problem with MarDar was they had a bloated contract cast made up of veteran performers. The show could have used some supporting cast. Will’s story would have been more interesting if there had been recurring, support characters other than random gayplayer #3 that he made out with in HTS.

        I did love how Nicole admitted to a priest she was married to one man, got knocked up by another, and was shacking up with a third. And Fr. Matt didn’t even blink an eye.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Well, I think after what Father Matt went through with stupid Chloe, Nicole’s story was hardly scandalous at all! 🙂

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