I’ve Been Staying Out of This, But:

I’d be happy never to have or read or hear a debate about Chick-Fil-A or Melissa Reeves’s ignorant/hateful personal views again, but I couldn’t help myself just this once.

Kudos, however, to whomever was responsible for the cut from Jennifer weeping over Jack to a commercial starring none other than Jason Brooks, our very own former Peter Blake. How’s that for free speech, Missy?!

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9 Comments on “I’ve Been Staying Out of This, But:”

  1. Alana Says:

    Lol! I somehow miss the Melissa Reeves controversy entirely, but I have now thoroughly googled and am glad for the heads up. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to hate on MR, mostly because I think her teeth are really gross (take a close look next time, they are a very strange color) and I think Jennifer is pretty boring. Aaanyway, anyone who wants to make what they know is going to be viewed as an anti-gay remarks better be prepared for the “free speech” of those who disagree with them. It’s a two way street MR. Here’s hoping 3 months from now we see her hair, makeup and wardrobe looking horrible. We’ll know someone over at Days is making their silent protest.

  2. Stevie Says:

    I honestly never knew about Melissa Reeves’ political/religious beliefs before, but to be honest, the idea of Abigail’s mother being a homophobe is kind of amusing to me. Mainly because a few months ago, I was seriously convinced that they were going to hook up Abigail & Melanie. The way I looked at it, they had already basically confirmed that Will was gay and seemed to be leaning toward pairing him up with Sonny, and Melanie was holding back on pursuing Chad because she didn’t want to upset Abigail (therefore putting Abigail ahead of Chad, I thought.) Also, Abigail was extremely distraught about everything going on with Austin at that point, and Melanie was always there to comfort her, to the point where they looked like they were getting a little…intimate at times. (“Just kiss already!” I was always thinking.)

    Plus, Abigail & Melanie were both thinking of getting into modeling together back then (not sure what happened to that storyline, but…), and Jennifer was adamantly opposed to it. So I’m imagining some alternate story arc where Jennifer is freaking out about her “perfect” pure daughter being drawn into this shady world of modeling, drugs, and lesbianism XD.

    • Alana Says:

      Haha, it is much more fun if you imagine Jennifer as a homophobe. They really saved all the homophobia in town for Tad, who surely will end up being gay himself. But I know exactly what scenes you are talking about with Melanie and Abby, that is hilarious. Something like these: http://www.salemonsalem.com/?p=1369

      • Stevie Says:

        The fireplace scene! 😀 That was the one. They were really teasing us there; I remember one of the episodes having its last scene with the two of them getting…close, and I was anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. But then I think the next scene they were in had them back in town, and Chad had returned, so it was like “so much for that idea.” I still think that would have been pretty fun to watch though, having Abigail & Melanie both being bisexual, getting into modeling together, and just having Jennifer constantly on edge about the whole thing.

        They could have even incorporated this into the mayor’s race somehow, with Jennifer trying to convince Abe to spread gay rumors about EJ (and Will?) to try and win the election.

        I’d forgotten about Tad, honestly; did he have any other role in the story beyond being the resident (closeted) gay basher? A lot of times I thought he was just there to give Will something else to angst about. XD

      • mykleraus Says:

        I had totally forgotten about that scene! Seriously perfect.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ahahahahahaha! I had forgotten that whole insane modeling thing. She was SO against it. I also liked imagining the subtext of “I don’t want you to turn out like that bitch Hope!”

  3. ML Says:

    I NOTICED THAT, TOO!!! I am SO glad I wasn’t the only one.

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