Vintage Recap: Friday, August 8, 2008

This time, I chose a random episode from 2008 rather than a special event. Also, after a quick scan of this episode, I can state pretty confidently that I don’t remember any of this. We’ll see how I do filling in the gaps. And we’re off…

At St. Luke’s, some guy (“Mr. Baker”) has stormed into what I guess is Bo and Hope’s latest wedding to accuse Bo, in front of his family and friends, of corruption. Caroline demands to know if Victor, who is in a wheelchair for some reason I do not recall, knew about this. Chelsea is there with both an ugly red streak in her hair and with Daniel. I don’t know which is worse. Baker, in the grand tradition of every person in Salem ever who marched into a place with an important piece of news, again declares that he has something to say and they need to hear what he needs to say and when he says what he came to say, they’re all going to be shocked. John watches from the shadows.

A subtitle informs us that we are now in Marseille, France. A cop with a constable-type hat drags Melanie into a police station, where some girl is demanding to know where her bracelet is. She knows Melanie took it. Melanie insists that the girl asked her to hold it. The constable guy just goes and sits down while these two keep sniping at each other. Melanie has a lot of fake hair. Max comes in with… the bracelet. I’m glad the French police are as on top of things as the Salem ones.

Stefano, who is a damn hospital bed AGAIN (Was this after Marlena put him into that coma?), tells EJ that he doesn’t know who he can trust, as both his sons have betrayed him. Stefano knows that his half-brother, John, has taken control of the DiMera empire. He reveals that he heard everything  that was said in his presence during his coma. But he wants to keep the fact that he’s awake quiet for the time being. He flashes back to John and Marlena gloating over him while he was comatose, during which John reveals that he is Colleen and Santo’s son. This flashback is SO LONG. Flashback Marlena looks horrified as John vows to take over Stefano’s entire life. And it’s STILL GOING. Finally, after I’m eligible for Social Security, we come out of the damn flashback. Stefano vows to make John and everyone else who has betrayed him pay. Then we cut to a random shot of Marlena sprawled on a floor, unconscious, with a syringe beside her.

Cue opening titles.

Philip and Morgan are playing cards on the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion. I miss this set! Which tells you how cheap this show is, if what I miss is basically some French doors and a bistro table. Philip apparently just got out of the hospital (I think this was when he took a bullet for Morgan), and I can’t tell if he’s limping because of that or because they still remembered that Philip had a prosthetic leg at this point. Morgan ignores a call from her mother, who is apparently mishandling the matter of her father’s disappearance. Did we ever see her mother? Why are they spending all this time talking about someone we never saw? Also, Philip looks SO HOT.

I mean…! And they even had his hair under control at this point.

Back at St. Luke’s, Baker invokes freedom of the press, so I guess he’s a reporter. He spits out what he knows: that Bo tampered with evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Everyone starts hooting and hollering. Baker says that he has proof and indicates that Hope knows something more. She uses all her extensive police training to… look guilty as hell.

Morgan tells Philip that her parents’ marriage fell apart because of her father’s great ambition. I take back what I said earlier: usually these characters drop into Salem and we don’t know a damn thing about their prior lives, so this whole explanation is kind of nice. The whole Paul Hollingsworth thing is really confusing to me, but I guess a lot of this “He was so ambitious” backstory is relevant to that. Philip is looking all troubled during this, and I think he was tied up in some conspiracy with Paul. Dena Higley was writing this, right? This story actually seems good. Also, I had two beers before I started this, so it could just be that. Morgan says that John Black is the one who should be sorry about all this.

EJ and Tony tell Stefano that John is a different man now. Marlena has even left him. Meanwhile, Marlena is passed out very glamorously on the floor. She tries to get up, to no avail.

Max tells Bracelet Girl that he is Melanie’s brother. He tries to convince Melanie to just apologize to her friend. The girl wants to press charges. The constable says they both look guilty and shoves them into a nearby cell.

Baker asks Hope about an e-mail she received at work. Of course, he has the e-mail on him—something from an anonymous source about evidence having been destroyed in the Hollingsworth case. It literally proves nothing, but Roman starts barking at Baker again. Kate wheels Victor out before this gets worse. Abe goes into a rage and tells everyone to shut up. He tells Baker that they can go down to the station for a statement. Baker declares that Hollingsworth is dead and Bo is protecting his killer.

Philip tells Morgan to stay strong. Her father could turn up again. His father was in the hospital but turned around. I mean, his father also spent half of the 1990s in a wheelchair and was catatonic for a good deal of that, but Philip wouldn’t remember that because he was only a toddler in the late 90s. I wish he had said, “My father was murdered in a bathtub once, but he turned up alive on a tropical island!” But that’s sort of par for the course around here. He tells Morgan that he would do anything for her.

After the break, Victor and Kate come in on Philip and ask Morgan for a moment alone with their son. Victor tells Philip that the press knows Bo tampered with the evidence.

At the church, Roman is grilling Baker, who insists that there’s a tape recording. But Bo got rid of it. Um, so there’s not, right? Abe asks Bo outright if there was a tape. Bo admits that there was. Everyone starts murmuring.

Bracelet Girl taunts Melanie before leaving the jail. Melanie tells Max that Bracelet Girl is just mad because her boyfriend dumped her for Melanie. Max watches in amazement as Melanie spins a story about her dead grandma and her upcoming funeral. The constable says that he can’t release her until she makes bail. Max laughs at her lame effort. Stephanie comes in to find them behind bars. Steph says that she’s happy to bail Max out, but there’s no way she is paying Melanie’s.

Stefano is amused at how his sons are bending over backwards to help him when they previously sold him out to Marlena and everyone else (by revealing that John was alive and in the DiMera basement, I guess). Stefano wants to make sure that the person responsible for his coma pays dearly.

Marlena is STILL on the damn floor but manages to pull the telephone off the table. I don’t have any idea where she is, but the doors look like what we now know is her townhouse.

Abe takes Baker downtown. He yells, “I never reveal my sources!” on the way out, since someone told the actor that’s something reporters say. Bo apologizes to his family and friends, saying that there’s no excuse for his poor decision, but he will accept responsibility. Whoa, that random fill-in Mickey (Kevin Dobson) is there with big-haired Maggie. At least he’s not 300 years old like the other Mickey recast. Roman tells Bo that he needs answers. Bo says that the tape was destroyed and that’s that. But Bo says it was all him—he isn’t covering for anyone. He’ll accept the consequences. John continues to watch through a cracked door, like a loon.

It’s funny to watch Stephanie and Melanie bickering at each other, given what became of their relationship later, with fighting over Philip and Nathan. Melanie asks to use her one phone call. (I guess the arresting officer just sets bail in France? Okay, sure. Maybe Mr. Baker should head to downtown France when he’s through with Bo Brady.)

Philip worries about what this means for Bo. Victor says it doesn’t look good but mentions having contacted his attorney, Gene Brisco (I remember him from years ago!). Morgan returns with a cell phone that keeps ringing. It’s Victor’s. He asks Kate to wheel him inside so he can take this call. Morgan asks Philip what she missed that’s so important. He tells her that it’s time for her to know what’s going on.

Hope wants to take Bo home, but Roman says that won’t be possible. It’s protocol. “You’re arresting him?!” Chelsea spells out for the sake of the cliffhanger.

Stefano assures Tony and EJ that the person who put him in this coma—Marlena—has already been taken care of.

Marlena is STILL on the floor, 30 minutes into the 38 minutes of the show. She has managed to get the phone in her hands and is muttering to herself.

Max and Melanie are pretty funny together. I love Darin Brooks in comedy mode. It kinda makes me mad that they made them not brother and sister after all. Some French dude, apparently the one Melanie called, comes in with bail money for Melanie. I think his name is Georgie. Stephanie tries to talk him out of it, and apparently they have talked about Melanie before. Steph tells him not to bail Melanie out. (Steph doesn’t have enough to bail Max out.) You know, maybe Melanie could avoid having to steal bracelets and pay bail if she stopped spending so much on her weave.

Philip assures Morgan, first off, that he had nothing to do with Paul’s disappearance. But he admits that there was a taped conversation between him and Paul, in which he said some things he shouldn’t have… temper-ful things… like threatening to kill Paul. Morgan does not appear pleased to hear this.

Chelsea begs Roman not to arrest Bo. Bo tells her not to blame Roman. Besides, he’s been through much worse than this. No kidding! Why is everyone acting like one night in jail will kill Bo? Chelsea keeps asking Roman if Bo is going to jail or not.

The constable is very slowly counting Georgie’s cash. Melanie has made bail. She’s free. She leaves with Georgie, after some more sniping at Steph. Like an idiot, Stephanie yells at the constable, who decides to help her by… tossing her in the cell with Max. The constable tells them they’ll be in there until they make bail and then leaves for a coffee break.

Morgan yells that she trusted Philip and says, “You want forgiveness? I’ll give you forgiveness!” She smacks him across the face and leaves. Kate comes storming out and yells at Morgan, who’s leaving, “What the hell are you doing?!” Philip says that he told Morgan about the tape, and of course Kate goes into default mode and says he is better off without Morgan. For once, she stops short of calling one of her sons’ lovers a “lying whore” or some variation thereof and instead says that she and Victor will protect Philip if what’s on the tape comes out.

Mickey offers to go with Bo as Roman escorts him out. God, that took a whole damn episode. John finally emerges from his secret hiding place and crosses off something in a little book.

Tony and EJ can’t believe that Marlena did this to Stefano. EJ actually says, “Marlena wouldn’t harm a fly, much less a human being.” EJ, I know you weren’t in town yet, but she KILLED TEN OF HER FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS.

Meanwhile, Marlena is still on the damn floor, phone in hand, having accomplished absolutely nothing during this hour.

The previews for the next day: EJ says that he and Tony want to help Stefano, who wants no part of it… Anna says that she has something to tell John about Stefano… Sami discovers that Stefano is awake.

That was… actually rather enjoyable. These storylines seem interesting, although I think all the crap with John and Stefano being in constant comas was just a merry-go-round of shit when you were watching day-to-day. This whole DiMera/Kiriakis war with the Hollingsworth angle actually seems interesting, though.  I wouldn’t be opposed to watching more episodes from this period (famous last words, I know).

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4 Comments on “Vintage Recap: Friday, August 8, 2008”

  1. Alana Says:

    Wow, 2008 doesn’t seem that long ago, but in Days world it seems like forever. I miss Philip so much. That hair! Those dimples!

    • mykleraus Says:

      This made me miss him a lot! And I really like 2009-2010 Days, and this sort of reminded me of all that. I liked when the show re-centered about the DiMeras and Kiriakises.

  2. Dan Says:

    I remember watching this episode when it originally aired. The summer of 2008 was fairly interesting for “Days.” To me, it felt like the show was moving away from the half-baked attempt to revive James E. Reilly’s success, which is the pattern the show had been following since 1998. The Hollingsworth stuff is character driven by “Days” standards and didn’t follow the same pattern. It was nice to see old favorites interacting with people outside the inner circle. It was nice seeing Bo involved in the Kiriakis orbit, which hadn’t been played in close to two decades.

    I liked early Melanie. I thought she was a smart addition because she was related to Max, but wasn’t related to 85% of Salem. Higley did a good job opening up the canvas, while keeping the new tied to the old, which I appreciated.

    Victor had a heart attack when he was waxing sentimental with Caroline Brady. This would have happened a week or so before Bo and Hope’s vow renewal.

    I thought tying Paul Hollingsworth to the dot com craze of the late 1990s was interesting and very realistic. Mrs. Hollingsworth sounded like a southern fried bitch and I do wish she had popped up. Unfortunately, around the time this episode aired, I believe it was announced Gary Tomlin was taking over and Kristen Renton was part of the first round of firings. In the end, it was a smart move, but I would like to see how the Hollingsworth famiy could have been integrated into Salem.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Thank you for filling in some of those gaps!

      It’s weird — I got so un-invested in Days during 2007 and 2008, moreso than I have been at any other point during my 15 years of watching (except for the few months of Dena Higley’s first stint, I guess). But a lot of it sounded exciting, and it reads well in recap. I loved when they mixed up the couples and did Lucas/Chloe, Philip/Morgan, EJ/Nicole, etc. The show was stuck in a major rut of EJ/Sami/Lucas and hadn’t used Philip as a lead in too long.

      I liked early Melanie, and I continue to like her, but I still wish they hadn’t softened her so quickly. Molly Burnett is really good at comedy, and I wish they had played her bad-ish for a while longer and then transitioned her into more of a snarky, comic relief character than trying to make her a romantic lead.

      I’ll always be grateful to Gary Tomlin, because he figured out a way to cut the budget and keep the show alive, and the first year of the Tomlin/Whitesell/Higley regime was awesome. I think it saved the show to have to work without Marlena and John for a while. I miss Ed Scott’s production values, though.

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