What Happened In Salem: Week of July 23rd

Sami and Gabi were neck-and-neck for gold in the Salem Idiot Olympics last week:

Sami — having been born of a woman who thought it was a good idea to jump out of an airplane during a blizzard — concluded that EJ’s only option was to jump bail for real. Will logged into the Salem PD’s Open Source Database and handily disabled the ankle monitor. EJ and Sami fled to a DiMera warehouse, where Will brought Johnny and Sydney to say goodbye to their dad. Once Will cleared out with the kids, the police came busting in, since years without use had allowed Roman’s brain to store up just enough power to have Will followed. EJ and Sami hid up on the catwalk as the cops, followed by Lucas, searched the warehouse.

Read the rest to find out What Happened in Salem (spoiler: stuff got blown up!) last week.

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