They Also Talked About Dead Mothers

So: Brady and Madison are getting married “tomorrow.” I guess his one-day-long rehab was very successful.

It was kind of glaring how that entire montage of romantic flashbacks consisted of clips of them milling around the Town Square, standing in a conference room, and fucking in that one hotel room. If that’s all you’ve got after almost a year, I think you might have failed on the “epic romance” front.

You know that old adage about how, on TV, a happy couple is a boring couple? What the hell is going to happen when/if these two get married? I’ve been falling asleep since their first date. Is a giant mallet going to start popping out of the TV and smashing me over the head now?

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2 Comments on “They Also Talked About Dead Mothers”

  1. Alana Says:

    Lol!! I couldn’t agree more! Not to mention the fact that those “happy montage” scenes were mostly of times where Madison knew she was married and didn’t tell Brady. She is the worst, and they are sooo boring. I love how rehab AND Madison coming around to believing Brady both happened off camera and in record time.

    Also, remember when Brady and Melanie were like BFFs? Now he doesn’t even know she’s missing (unless that happens today, haven’t watched yet).

    • mykleraus Says:

      LOL! Also, they forgot to include the touching scene where he let her think he had raped her while she was drunk at the office.

      Slight spoiler alert: Brady and Melanie are apparently in a bunch of scenes together pretty soon.

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