Business As Usual

There are some things that will always hold true in Salem:

1) Whenever the “good guys” think they have the baddies backed against the wall for good, they will spend entire episodes crowing victoriously about how they’ve “got them now,” “will make them pay,” so on and so forth. Lucas has been running around town grinning like an idiot ever since he found that letter —

— which means this is going to blow up in their faces in about five minutes.

2) Sami and EJ will remain on this endless, tedious, and endlessly tedious merry-go-round of “I hate you”/”No, wait, we’re friends”/”No, I can’t resist you”/”Oops, I shot you” forever and ever.

3) Everything about Kate’s ensemble and styling will be totally inappropriate for the workplace.

4) New writers will be as un-subtle as possible in redirecting storylines that aren’t working. So far, the most glaring examples have been Carrie’s “Hey, moving back to Switzerland tomorrow!” and, even more absurdly, John finding out via phone call that Brady reunited with Madison and checked into rehab. I’d be upset if I thought I could even stomach seeing them on my screen, but at this point, I would be fine if they just flashed a card on the screen that said, “Brady got sober and Madison was shipped to the moon.”

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